Hello my curious customer, back for another update?

So its been about 6 months since the website has been live and what an amazing journey it has been so far. I have learned so much in this short time that this company has been running and I am so excited for everything that is planned for the future. I definitely am nowhere near where I want to be but these small steps are still fulfilling and make me very happy.

I've also moved to the United States of America to be with my significant other and to continue my journey here, not everyone would approve of that decision but I mean you aren't going to please everyone. Live your life and do what you want because no one else will be held accountable for the things you later might regret you wish you did. If you end up feeling like you've made mistakes or have any regrets.. just move on and learn try your best to from it. Its okay to make mistakes as long as your willing to own up to them.

Since moving to the United States I've had to deal with plenty of immigration papers, having to put school on hold for a little bit and getting familiar with my new surroundings. One thing is for certain though, with all the new things i've had to take in I have not stopped working on this company. I knew what I had to do to get the company established here quickly and I made sure no one was affected by the move. Even though I had to put my education on hold for a little bit, keep in mind that you really don't need a business degree to start your own company. I mean you could put some coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and throw some vitamin C together and call that a face serum and start selling it if you wanted to. The internet, textbooks, right connections, and some passion are all very powerful tools if you reaaally want to start a business. 

So continuing my updated from a business point of view, the last time I wrote I was trying to figure out different strategies to get my brand out there. It was slow at first because all I was doing was giving out likes and comments on Instagram, I was handing out a shit ton of cards, and getting family and friends to share the brand with whoever they possibly can. This definitely worked on getting the brand name out there a bit but it didn't necessarily help with getting any sales. Then I started to do contest giveaways, more of an initiative for people to share and then have people also try the product. Again, it helped a little bit considering more people were sharing but sales were still pretty low.

In order for me to not lose hope too quickly, I was keeping in mind that most people I would talk to would say businesses don't really make profit within their first year, some get lucky with their market and instantly have a high demand for their product/service but most need to work some time for it. Eventually I came across a youtube video another business owner had made, which was about her company and how she had started. She mentioned that in the beginning stages of her company she had given away so many products to so many people that she did not make any money within the first couple months or so. I gave in and started contacting some people on instagram who had some passion in makeup, and had a good amount of following with a huge engagement with their followers. This has been doing better for me, sales are now steady and the brand is slowly getting out there.

I have plenty of more ideas for this brand and exciting new projects in mind, I shall leave this update at that because this update is already pretty long and if you've read this far thank you. Thank you for having the time to learn more about this company and I guess part of my personal my life, thank you for choosing A A Beauty and for believing in my passion. I will work my hardest to make sure you are all satisfied with the service I bring to you. Talk to you soon!!


(Disclaimer: Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes.. I'm running a business, I'm not trying to hand in a university paper)



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