How do I contact customer service?
You can contact us by sending us an email to, this is also available by filling out a form here.

Product Information
What Is the Difference between our hand made 100% Mink, Faux Mink (Synthetic), and Silk Lashes?
  • Mink lashes are made with 100% natural and ethically sourced mink hair, sterilized to ensure it is hypo-allergenic. Compared to Synthetic and Silk lashes they are more natural, fluffy, and lighter! Mink lashes are soft and are very fine, they can maintain their curl better after being exposed to water compared to Faux Mink and Silk lashes. Please refer to our 3D Mink Lash Care Tutorial to learn how to properly maintain and elongate the lifespan of your lashes. Mink lashes are a high quality lash and can be used 25+ times with proper use and care.
  • Synthetic lashes are primarily made out of acrylic material, provides a more glossy and shiny look. They are durable and retains their curl for a long period of time, that means you a can reuse the synthetic lashes for up to 20+ times. The amount of being able to re-wear synthetic lashes depends on proper use and care of the lashes, please reference out Synthetic Lash Care Tutorial
  • Silk lashes are lighter and finer than the synthetic material. Being able to imitate a much wispier look, silk lashes are also able to retain their curl for a period of time and may be used for up to 25+ times. The amount of being able to re-wear silk lashes depends on proper use and care of the lashes, please reference our Silk Lash Care Tutorial

How are AABeauty lashes made?
All of our lashes are 100% handcrafted with care!

How do I apply my false lashes?
Curl your Lashes (Optional: apply mascara)
Remove one lash pulling from the base of the lash away from the tray
Measure the lash and trim if needed
Bend the lashes to get them in a curved shape for your eye
Apply lash adhesive and wait 30 seconds or until glue is tacky
Use eyelash applicator, tweezers or fingers to place lashes close to your lash line (Apply Center, Outer, then Inner)

Optional: Apply mascara or liner to fill in gaps

For a visual and in-depth tutorial please reference our Lash Application Tutorial

How do I take care of my lashes?
To optimize the use of your perfect pair of lashes always gently remove the build up of glue from the base of the lash after your 3 or 4th use then place back in packaging to ensure they are properly stored away, also we have created a full care tutorial for your selected style, please visit our Lash Care Tutorials page!

How do I remove my lashes?
You may either try to securely grip the lash from the base, and starting from the outer corner of the eye slowly pull to remove all the way towards the inner corner of your eye OR to minimize the uncomfortable tugging on your eyelids we recommend taking a small cotton swab and applying oil free make up remover to the swab and gently rubbing it along the lash line, give it a while to soak and dilute the glue and then gently remove the lash. We’ve also made a quick and simple tutorial on how to painlessly properly remove the lashes, click to our Lash Removal Tutorial on how to properly remove the lashes!

Can I apply mascara onto the false lash?
For more of a dramatic look you can apply mascara to the lash. Although you can provide more care and have them last much longer if you went without adding mascara, we offer plenty of full dramatic lash sets if you are looking for a more voluminous and fuller set for your look!

Shipping, Returns & Cancellations

Do you offer exchanges or returns?
Due to sanitary reasons we do not accept any returns or exchanges. Refunds are only applicable if products received are damaged. If you receive a damaged item please immediately send us a picture of your shipment box as well as the items that arrived damaged at
How long will it take for me to receive my lashes?
Orders will be processed within 1-3 days, orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed the following business days. After you have received your confirmation of order via email, delivery time within the United States is 2-6 days and 10-15 business days internationally.
How much will shipping cost?
The cost of shipping depends on the weight of your purchase and your final destination address. Enter your shipping address during checkout and your shipping cost will appear in your cart before you finalize your purchase.
Extra Services
Does Alexander August offer wholesale? 
Yes we do! For more information send us an email at:
Do you offer a discount to professionals?
Yes! For more information send us an email at:


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