Dear wonderful customer, 

First, I'd like to thank you for checking out this website, as well as having an interest in our "About Us" page!

I struggle whether I should address this as an “About Us” or an “About Me” page. While I am writing this myself  as a typical twenty-two year-old "millennial" trying to make something of herself,  I really do believe that this brand was created by so many other people. I guess I'm just the one who's willing to take full liability for when the shit hits the fan – just joking! Alexander August Beauty has been and will be so amazing! 

I live in a Canadian city that is known for having the friendliest population in the country! I appreciate all the people I've met in this city, having helped me build this awesome website, sample A LOT of products and find the proper tools to put all of this together. They have given me resourceful advice through their experiences and have supported me in every way possible. 

I can’t forget to acknowledge people not from this city that has helped me put all of this together, including yourself, who is surprisingly still reading this – you must be bored out of your mind!

I hope to be as transparent as possible with all of you, making it easier for myself to communicate where I am truly coming from and to show you how much I care for this company. I also hope to help you to understand that you can find the same opportunities that I've found and reach whatever goals you wish to achieve. 

As for my business background, I just finished my exams for my Intro Into Business classes and I cut hair on the side. Cutting hair has enabled me to interact with all kinds of people, allowing me to acquire advice on business, finance and lifestyle within my 30-45 minute cutting window. It is definitely more interesting to hear about experiences from real people than to read it from a boring old textbook. 

I have a very strong business mindset – always thinking of new ideas and being very competitive – willing to take risks. I’m very ambitious – I love putting in the extra hours to build my company. I know there’s so much more work to be done, but I'm all for getting to where I need to be, no matter what it takes! 

When it comes to my background in the incredibly vast beauty industry, I can pretty much tell you what I’m not or what don't have. I am not a beauty blogger (I'll get to it), I don't make videos on Youtube (I'll get to that too), I don't have 10k+ followers on Instagram (don't let the amount of followers/likes/comment validate anything you stand for) and I don't have piles of makeup flowing out of my vanity. 

What I do have is a huge love for makeup, I appreciate all types of creativity. Occasionally, I read up on beauty bloggers and watch endless amounts of Youtube videos on makeup. I will continuously learn about the best products, get as much feedback as possible, and take the time to understand market needs so that I can deliver the most luxurious products for you, my lovely consumers. 

I think that’s all I have to write about for now. I will keep writing here as my company grows whether anyone may or may not even care. I guess I’ve made this “About Us” page to a blog page (perks of owning your own website). 

Thank you once again for reading, I hope you now know a little more about myself and my brand! xoxoxoxo. (04/21/2018)





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